Community Bank Climate Risk Analytics

Make no mistake about it: Bank regulators, members of Congress, and other financial overseers are concerned about the impact of climate change on banks of all sizes. And they want banks to do something about it.

Invictus has developed a simple suite of climate risk analytics that community banks can use as a starting point. These initial analytics will provide community banks insights into the physical risks their banks may face from climate change, as well as help launch valuable discussions in the boardroom and with bank examiners.

Using loan-level data, the Portfolio Weather Event Risk Analysis (PoWER)™ maps specific climate risks to geographic markets and displays them visually, allowing the C-Suite, boards, shareholders and regulators to see the potential impact on your bank.

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White Paper

The regulatory pressure on community banks to show they understand how climate change will affect their banks is only going to increase in the years ahead. Although regulators are focusing first on the largest, systemically important banks, they have made it clear that the issue will “trickle down” to community banks. This white paper explores the state of climate risk regulation and gives community banks a road map for how to get ready for climate change risk management before it is mandated. Click here to download white paper.

The Climate Risk analytics can show a bank’s individual footprint, its peers, and the risk in surrounding geographical areas.