2016 Bank Insights Archive

Bank Insights October/November 2016

  • Special Report: An M&A Analytical Primer: Notes for the Intelligent Acquirer
  • How to Solve Community Bank Problems When Organic Growth is Not the Answer. Part Two: The Loan Portfolio
  • What Investment Banks Get Wrong
  • Why a Compliance Mindset is Hurting Community Banks

Bank Insights September 2016

  • Special Report: An M&A Analytical Primer:
  • How to Solve Community Bank Problems When Organic Growth is Not the Answer. Part One: Picking the Right Target

Bank Insights August 2016

  • Looming Problems Portend Hard Times Ahead for Community Banks
  • Regulatory Write-ups Point to Emerging Risks in Community Banking

Bank Insights July 2016

  • Insufficient Stress Testing Leads to Increased CRE Concentration Risk Management Warnings
  • How Technology is Changing Bank Analytics
  • How CRE Concentrations Led to a Bank Sale

Bank Insights June 2016

  • Stress Testing and Vintage Analysis are Key to Managing CRE Concentration Issues
  • How Banks Can Get Ready for CECL
  • 10 Things Community Banks Should Think About After Brexit

Bank Insights May 2016

  • Earners and Burners: An M&A Analysis of the 2016 Community Bank Market
  • Webinar: How to Manage CRE Concentrations

Bank Insights April 2016

  • Why Banks Need to Know About Negative Interest Rates and Deflation
  • Don’t Be a Rubber Stamp, FDIC Tells Boards in Special Corporate Governance Report
  • View from the Sidelines: A Retired Bank Exec Shares Insights about the Economy, Regulation and the Future of Community Banks

Bank Insights March 2016

  • Overcoming M&A Obstacles: A Q&A on Common Problems in the Community Bank Market

Bank Insights February 2016

  • What Regional and Community Banks Can Glean from CCAR/DFAST 2016 Scenarios
  • Why Community Banks Need ‘Large Bank’ M&A Tools to Gain a Competitive Edge

Bank Insights January 2016

  • Regulators to Banks: CRE Lending May Lead to More Required Capital
  • How Forward-Looking Risk Analytics Became an Essential Community Bank Tool
  • Regulators Outline Risk Management Practices of Successful Banks

Bank Insights 2016: A Regulatory Outlook

  • Intro
  • CFPB and Compliance Issues
  • Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)
  • Credit Risk and Asset Quality
  • Cybersecurity
  • Earnings and Liquidity
  • Exams and Enforcement
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Management and Board Issues
  • Strategic and Capital Planning
  • Forward-Looking Risk Analytics
  • Mergers and Acquisitions