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Case Studies

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What Our Clients Have Said

"The Invictus stress test was an integral tool in having the board of directors understand, assess, and approve a strategic plan. The stress test projected, under different stress levels, the effects on capital for asset growth, loan concentrations, income and capital rises. I was impressed at how receptive the Invictus team was in understanding our goals, working through the process and the results, and tailoring it exactly to what we needed to present to the board. I think it gave one added dimension to the board's comfort level with our strategic goals under possible stress levels."

- Joe Chu, Chief Risk Officer, Alma Bank, Astoria, NY

"The Invictus Consulting Group strategically developed a customized stress test for our community bank. Their analysis indicates the potential impact on our bank's capital given various degrees of adverse economic outcomes. We have implemented their stress test in our Enterprise Risk Manager Program and is used it in our bank's strategic capital plans. Invictus has been very diligent researching and preparing customized assumptions for our market. Their stress test analysis includes a topline board presentation highlighting key points and recommendations, as well as detailed exhibits. As a $200 million community bank, our regulators have been quite satisfied with the level of in-depth analysis provided by the Invictus stress test."

- Charles W Daily, President, CommunityFirst Bank, Fairview Heights, IL

"Invictus provided a great service to us. After running their stress tests, we had the ammo to convince our regulator that our strategic plans were viable, de-risked our portfolio and would help to boost our capital."

- Community bank CEO

"You guys really save us time by highlighting the banks that we need to focus on, and moreover showing us where to direct our energies within the banks."

- Senior Regulator

"Of course, everyone understands the insurance business is about risk assessment. But what you provide allows us to not only assess our current clients very quickly, but also use as an early filter on new business. That's great value."

- D&O Underwriter

"This is the most efficient, cost effective and accurate tool that I have ever seen in the business of financial institution underwriting. We gauge the payback [on Invictus Insurance] to be less than two years and expect that it will significantly reduce our combined ratio by lowering our potential losses while at the same time allowing us to increase our book of business without increasing our staffing needs."

- a large US bank D&O underwriting manager

"We see lots of models claiming to be ready for primetime, but I can honestly say that I have never seen anything with this kind of power and potential. This truly is a tool to get us through the paradigm shift taking place in our business."

- offshore financial institution reinsurance Senior Vice President