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White Papers

Bleeders and Leaders: Redefining the 2014 U.S. M&A Banking Market (10 January 2014)

Between a Rock and a Regulator: Stress Testing Applications for Community Banks under Enforcement Actions (15 November 2013)

Caveat Emptor: Why Today's M&A Banking Environment Raises Red Flags (1 October 2013)

Risk Management – The New “Dark Cloud” in Bank Regulation Has a Silver Lining (15 March 2013)

Free Capital: the New Metric for Bank Viability (28 January 2013)

Basel III Delayed: US Community Banks Should Seize the Initiative (November 2012)

Stress Testing and Community Banks – A Valuable Tool Not to be Feared (April 2012)

(See also our Bank Analytics section for insightful analysis of the US banking market.)


Televised News and Radio

Why GE is exiting retail lending -- Bloomberg Radio (30 August 2013)

Basel I and II Were Based on History, but Basel III is Forward-Looking -- Bloomberg TV (28 November 2012)

Massive Bank Consolidation Ahead - Bloomberg TV (23 October 2012)

Small Banks are in a Vice and Need to Merge to Survive --Bloomberg Radio (28 September 2012)

Beware of the traps! Bloomberg TV interviews Invictus (25 September 2012)

All stressed out over Dodd-Frank: Bloomberg TV interviews Invictus (27 August 2012)

Fox News Quotes Invictus (8 February 2012)


OCC: "Comptroller’s Handbook: Commercial Real Estate Lending". (OCC, August 2013)

Provides guidance for bank examiners and bankers on commercial real estate (CRE) lending activities.

OCC's new booklet, "A Common Sense Approach to Community Banking". (OCC, August 2013)

"Scenario analysis or stress testing can help assess how significant the risk is and if the risk is increasing or decreasing. Furthermore, with active, ongoing monitoring, your bank can better determine how to
control key risks and mitigate their effects on the bank’s overall condition"

FDIC: "Expanded Community Bank Guide to the New Capital Rule for FDIC-Supervised Banks" (August 2013)

Their two main recommendations:
1. Do Reverse Stress Testing
2. Consider liquidity issues in a capital stress test – especially on the investment portfolio
Both of these services are provided by Invictus

FDIC presentation "Regulatory Capital Interim Final Rule". An overview of the interim final capital rule as it generally applies to community banking organizations. (July 2013)

Office of Financial Research: "Stress Tests to Promote Financial Stability: Assessing Progress and Looking to the Future. (OFR working paper, July 2013)

What Is Capital Adequacy Stress Testing? AABD video (28 June 2013, 8 minutes)

CFA Institute interviews Invictus CEO Kamal Mustafa -- Basel III, credit ratings and ratings agencies, the importance of loan vintage, current health of banks. (8 April 2013, 18 minutes)

Buyers & Bleeders: Why Banks Need to Consolidate Now video (13 March 2013, 4 minutes)

Free Capital: Know It and Use It (winner of the Risk Management Article Competition (RMAC) in March 2013, by Rod Guerin)

A Wonderful Life for Community Banks? (Capital Matters, John Slater 27 December 2012)

The Importance of Effective Corporate Governance by Kevin Moore, Senior Vice President, Supervision and Risk Management Division, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

CSBS White Paper: Stress Testing Fundamental to Community Banks’ Risk Management Framework

Stress Testing at Community Banks: The Benefits and the Expectations by Jody Martin, Federeal Reserve Bank of Richmond

WEBINAR: Invictus's stress testing methodology is explained in a webinar, including case studies. (Karl Nelson Consulting, 8 November 2012)

OCC Endorses Community Bank Stress Testing (Bank Safety and Soundness Advisor, 29 October 2012)

Stress testing allows community banks to defend and reduce their capital adequacy requirements by communicating, responding and being proactive with their respective regulatory bodies (Birmingham Business Journal, April 2012)


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Invictus LoanLayering™ Process

It’s All Different Now: Stress Testing and Strategic Planning for Banks in the New World