Invictus Investor

Invictus Investor uses the ICAM™ and LoanLayering® models to provide comprehensive enterprise valuations of any of the 6000+ FDIC-insured banks - both publicly traded and private.

A bank’s reported financials are opaque. Invictus "sees through" the obfuscation on a bank’s books by performing a "CAT scan" using ICAM and LoanLayering, and then by representing the results of that scan via pro forma financials and the Invictus ratings and ratios. By doing this, we can separate the winners from the losers.

  • Invictus runs its stress tests, producing a pro forma balance sheet and income statement, under three scenarios - "business as usual", adverse stress and severe stress.
  • Sufficiency of loan loss reserves and their impact on future profitability are examined in detail.
  • Invictus is the only firm that can use LoanLayering to accurately project asset run-off and its consequent profitability implications.
  • Each subsidiary of a multibank holding company is stressed individually and then results are combined to provide a much more realistic approach.
  • Invictus applies assumptions such as loan growth, interest rates, competitive spreads, probability of default and loss given default on a consistent, national basis, but also runs regional variations.

These capabilities can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Existing equity analysts cover only a fraction of the banking universe. We analyze every bank, every quarter.
  • Unfettered access to the database provides you with the ability to do national, regional or local cross-sectional analysis and make relative value comparisons
  • We can combine two or more banks together and stress the combined portfolio - i.e. stress a post-merger result before the transaction takes place.
  • User-defined Triage Reports provide a bank screener -- we will run a comparative report on a number of banks (in a region, of a particular Invictus Return on Required Capital Ratio, of particular loan book characteristics, etc.) to aid in screening and selection.
  • Pro forma financial statements can be downloaded to permit you to further refine your customized analysis.
  • Instantly-available projections provide an information advantage when reacting to market developments.

Working with Invictus, you can insert your own economic, regional or bank-specific assumptions and customize the output to your requirements.

Invictus is the only organization to be able to provide forward-looking, customized, instantly-available analysis on all 6000+ FDIC-insured banks. If you are a mutual fund, hedge fund, private equity fund, or sell side security analyst working in the banking sector you need the information and analytical power that only Invictus can provide.

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