Invictus Insurance

Directors & Officers underwriters of banks use Invictus Insurance both defensively and proactively. Invictus Insurance is a package of reports, consisting of a bank overview (per bank) and a comparative overview report for a custom list of banks. Using both will allow you to drill into an individual bank or to "mine the data" for prospects or potential targets. You may use our stress test assumptions, or you can run your own scenarios using your own assumptions.

Defensive: Use Invictus Insurance to aid in assessing underwriting risk for existing bank clients (typically at renewal).
Proactive: Use Invictus Insurance to target new clients in specific markets and regions based upon underwriting opportunities.

  1. Underwriting Efficiency
    The ICAMTM and LoanLayering® produce highly predictive data and reliable results for underwriting purposes in a few minutes -- what would take an average underwriter 4 to 5 days, and without the same accuracy.

  2. Risk Pricing

    The Invictus Insurance reports provide quick access to ratings/account valuation/risk evaluation when it comes to responding to clients or brokers regarding possible pricing considerations. This allows you to be consistent in pricing among other peer group risks in the book of business and allows for internal pricing justification.

  3. Assistance in Loss Mitigation
  4. Because the ICAM and LoanLayering provide a unique forward-looking financial analysis, Invictus Insurance helps underwriters to better mitigate litigation costs and losses. Invictus Insurance raises concerns about certain forward financial performance well in advance of existing methods and tools.

  5. Marketing/Business Development

    The comparative overview reports provided by Invictus Insurance are perfectly designed to sort prospects by risk rating or other market criteria. Therefore you can decide exactly where and to whom to market, if you are searching for adding (or reducing) certain risks on a name by name basis by region, state, peer group or total market. Mine our data!

The Invictus Insurance reports present streamlined reviews of clients and prospects, as well as peer group comparisons and reviews. You'll see the Invictus Ratio , the Invictus Sustainability Score, a pro forma balance sheet and income statement projected forward for each bank, giving an instant assessment of bank sustainability and health under stressed scenarios - our scenarios or your own scenarios. LoanLayering will give you a visual of likely loan run-off, new lending activity and the earnings implications. Other information is provided to help you make those timely underwriting risk assessments very quickly. Invictus Insurance reports can run for a bank or a bank holding company.

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