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Bank Insights January/February 2017

CECL Myths and Realities: Why Small Banks May Benefit from the New Accounting Standard

What Community Banks Need to do to Prepare for CECL

The Latest Regulatory Guidance on CECL



Bank Insights October/November 2016

Special Report: An M&A Analytical Primer:
Notes for the Intelligent Acquirer

How to Solve Community Bank Problems When Organic Growth is Not the Answer. Part Two: The Loan Portfolio

What Investment Banks Get Wrong

Why a Compliance Mindset is Hurting Community Banks


Bank Insights September 2016

Special Report: An M&A Analytical Primer:

How to Solve Community Bank Problems When Organic Growth is Not the Answer. Part One: Picking the Right Target


Bank Insights August 2016

Looming Problems Portend Hard Times Ahead for Community Banks

Regulatory Write-ups Point to Emerging Risks in Community Banking

Bank Insights July 2016

Insufficient Stress Testing Leads to Increased CRE Concentration Risk Management Warnings

How Technology is Changing Bank Analytics

How CRE Concentrations Led to a Bank Sale


Bank Insights June 2016

Stress Testing and Vintage Analysis are Key to Managing CRE Concentration Issues

How Banks Can Get Ready for CECL

10 Things Community Banks Should Think About After Brexit

Bank Insights May 2016

Earners and Burners: An M&A Analysis of the 2016 Community Bank Market

Webinar: How to Manage CRE Concentrations



Bank Insights April 2016

Why Banks Need to Know About Negative Interest Rates and Deflation

Don’t Be a Rubber Stamp, FDIC Tells Boards in Special Corporate Governance Report

View from the Sidelines: A Retired Bank Exec Shares Insights about the Economy, Regulation and the Future of Community Banks

Bank Insights March 2016

Overcoming M&A Obstacles: A Q&A on Common Problems in the Community Bank Market


Bank Insights February 2016

What Regional and Community Banks Can Glean from CCAR/DFAST 2016 Scenarios

Why Community Banks Need ‘Large Bank’ M&A Tools to Gain a Competitive Edge


Bank Insights January 2016

Regulators to Banks: CRE Lending May Lead to More Required Capital

How Forward-Looking Risk Analytics Became an Essential Community Bank Tool

Regulators Outline Risk Management Practices of Successful Banks

1. Intro
2. CFPB and Compliance Issues
3. Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)
4. Credit Risk and Asset Quality
5. Cybersecurity
6. Earnings and Liquidity
7. Exams and Enforcement
8. Interest Rate Risk
9. Management and Board Issues
10. Strategic and Capital Planning
11. Forward-Looking Risk Analytics
12. Mergers and Acquisitions


Bank Insights December 2015


Anatomy of an M&A Deal: How New Analytics Reveal Hidden Aspects of KeyCorp’s First Niagara Acquisition


Bank Insights October 2015

Three Ways CEOs Should Adjust Their Strategic Thinking in the CECL-Era

CECL Will Focus on Forward-Looking Forecasts

CECL's Road to Implementation and its Potential Effect on the Economy



Bank Insights September 2015

As Consolidation Looms, Once-Reluctant Banks Begin M&A Conversations

How New Analytics Determine M&A Valuation Based on the Acquiring Bank’s Financials

Five Lessons that Banks with M&A Aspirations Can Learn From Serial Acquirers

Bank Insights August 2015

M&A Economics: Navigating the Trade-off between EPS Accretion and TBV Dilution

Nine Ways a Stock Market Correction May Affect Community Banks

Strategic Planning Means Managing Tradeoff between Risk and Return: FDIC


Bank Insights July 2015

Caveat Emptor: Community Banking M&A in the Post-recession World

Why CEOs Must Pay Attention to Regulatory Capital Silos: A Strategic Planning Primer

Estimated Impact of FDIC Insurance Changes


Bank Insights June 2015

Regulatory Scrutiny Focuses on Inadequate Strategic Planning

Five Takeaways from the DoddFrank Stress Test Results


Bank Insights May 2015

Pre-Filing Make Sense in M&A Deals

As Cyber Threats Increase, Regulators Worry about Bank Readiness


Bank Insights April 2015

Spotting Issues in the Community Bank Boardroom: Five Emerging Trends in 2015

Changes to Call Reports and Capital Among Proposals to Reduce Regulatory Burden

Bank Insights March 2015

Anatomy of a Bank Deal: Why New Bank Analytics are Essential in M&A

Strategic Risk Emerges as Key Issue for Community Banks


Bank Insights February 2015

Regulators are Focusing on Community Bank Interest Rate Risk Assumptions

Why Strategic Planning is Key to Interest Rate Risk Management

Risk-Reward Vs. Risk -- A Key Distinction


Bank Insights January 2015

Finding and Keeping Community Bank Directors in the New Regulatory Environment

Building A Bank Board for Success

Regulators say Lack of Management Succession Planning is ‘Key Risk’

Despite Political Talk, Regulatory Capital Focus to Continue

Bank Insights Year in Review

End-of-year regulatory round-up and look ahead for 2015.


Bank Insights December 2014

What Community Banks Should Learn from the Fed’s CCAR 2015 Scenarios

Warning: Traditional Loan Review May Cause Banks Trouble in the Future

The “Catch 22” on Bank Capital


Bank Insights October 2014

Regulatory Focus on Strategic Planning Means New Analytics for Approval

Leading the Board of Directors through Effective Strategic Planning

Why Strategic Planning is So Important to Community Banks


Bank Insights September 2014

How Stress Testing Can Become a Bank’s Profit Center, Not a Cost Center

Stress Testing Gives Bank Board Confidence to Issue Dividend

Understanding the Tax Implications of Bank Mergers


Bank Insights August 2014

Five Essential Questions Boards Should Ask During the Strategic Planning Season

Q&A Session with Ex-FDIC Official and Banker on M&A, FDIC priorities and what to do to increase CAMELS scores.


Bank Insights July 2014

Lessons from a Community Bank Turnaround: Capital is King

Stress Testing Myths and Realities

How Stress Testing Strengthens CAMELS: A Client’s Perspective


Bank Insights June 2014

FDIC Wake-up Call: No More Regulatory Carve-Outs for Community Banks

Takeaways from the FDIC Speech

How to Get a Green Light on Your Future Plans

Bank Insights May 2014

How to Spot the Risks in Your Investment Portfolio

From Stress Testing to M&A, Financial Innovator Revamps Analytics


Bank Insights April 2014

Lessons from the Fed’s Stress Tests

Invictus Stress Test Analysis Shows Leverage Ratio Trouble for 10% of Banks

ALLL Impact Still Uncertain: Credit Loss Model Changes Debated


Bank Insights March 2014

How the Proposed Liquidity Rule for Large Banks Could Trickle Down to Community Banks

A Client’s Perspective: How Stress Testing Is Helping A Troubled Bank Look To The Future 


Bank Insights February 2014

Using the Right M&A Analytics to Drive ROI

Ways to Use the Invictus Acquisition Gauge

Risk Assets and Loan Vintages Emerge as Key M&A Analytics


Bank Insights January 2014

Expect Interest Rate Risk Management Scrutiny from Examiners in 2014

How To Manage IRR In A Changing Economic Environment

Rising Interest Rates: Not Just a Liability-Side Risk


Bank Insights December 2013

What to Expect in 2014

Five Requirements for Effective Community Bank Stress Testing

The Importance of ‘Three-Dimensional’ Banking to Community Banks


Bank Insights November 2013

M&A Requires Patience, Proper Analytics

The New M&A Due Diligence Tool: Stress Test Your Targets

Invictus Capital Efficiency Radar

Bank Insights October 2013

Regulators Outline Best Practices for Capital Adequacy Planning

Five Knowledge Points for Boards

Risk Management Tools Tied to Better CAMELS Rating

Bank Insights September 2013

Between a Rock and a Regulator: How Troubled Community Banks
Should Use Stress Testing

FDIC Spells Out Benefits of Community Bank Stress Testing

Bank Insights
 August 2013

Community Banks and Basel III: What to Know

How You Identify and Measure Risk Can Be Key to CAMELS

Bank Insights July 2013

FreeCapital™: The New Bank Metric You Should Know and Use

Stress Testing As an ‘Offensive Weapon'

Bank Insights June 2013

Getting Your Risk Officer from the Back Room to the Board Room

Stress Testing Without Loan Origination Detail Is ‘Absurd’