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How to Solve Community Bank Problems When Organic Growth is Not the Answer

Unsettling trends that may not be obvious now – but are vivid when quantified with the right analytics – indicate more trouble ahead for community banks, which is why mergers and acquisitions offer a realistic option for many banks. The key to getting M&A right is using the proper analytics to determine whether a deal makes sense.Read more »

How Technology Is Changing Bank Analytics

Banks should embrace cloud computing and the amazing ability of data to change the way they analyse banks. Read more »

8 Q&As before you try M&A

There’s no doubt that the community bank market is in the midst of an M&A sea change. Here are some of the common questions bankers have been asking in this new environment.Read more »

CRE Lending May Lead to More Required Capital

Regulators announced in December that they "will pay special attention to potential risks associated with CRE lending" in 2016. Banks that don't have adequate risk management practices and capital strategies to quantify and manage CRE concentrations will be required "to raise additional capital", regulators advised. Read more »

Why Even Once-Reluctant Banks Must Begin M&A Conversations

In an economic environment of historically low interest rates and low yields, an M&A deal may be a better strategic option than organic growth for many overcapitalized banks.Read more »

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