Directors and Officers Insurance Underwriters of Banks

You need the very best and most current information for effective underwriting, risk management and pricing.

With between 100 and 200 bank failures a year over the last several years, and with projections that this trend is expected to continue, bank D&O insurers must be able to project a bank's potential financial position into the future -- not just rely on old-style modelling using regression analysis.

Bank failures generating litigation occur not only from insolvency but long before that, when capital levels fall below regulatory minimums. The fall in capital or the resulting failures are important factors in civil legal action against officers and directors by the FDIC, by shareholders, and by other affected stakeholders.

For D&O underwriters, it is critical to forecast accurately the expected deterioration or increase of a bank's capital levels and its earnings potential. Underwriters need confidence in a bank's ability to survive a prolonged recession. With Invictus Insurance we have tailored our ICAM methodology to provide a unique, powerful and highly predictive underwriting tool. Invictus Insurance is used both for current client assessments (such as at renewals) and for strategic direction on new profitable account selection. D&O underwriters use Invictus Insurance both defensively and proactively.