Invictus International

Do you have exposure to a US bank or the US banking sector?
Currently the Invictus analysis is available on 6000+ FDIC-insured banks in the US. Our readership is global.

Are you a corporate treasurer with US operations?
Do you have exposure because of a subsidiary operation in the US or as a supplier or buyer in the US? You should be aware of the health of the banks to which you are exposed.

Are you an investor in US banks, or a bank with a US subsidiary?
The Invictus analysis is a must-have for banks, corporate treasurers, asset managers or investors anywhere in the world that have dealings with US entities.

What about running the Invictus analysis on banks outside the US?
The Invictus stress testing methodology is applicable to banks globally.

  • If you are a bank outside the US, we can work with you to stress your balance sheet (using the ICAM) based on the loan-level data you supply.
  • If you are a bank regulator and need help setting up or improving a regulatory regime, we can help with the practical implementation of stress-testing processes and procedures. We also suggest you speak to Cobden Partners. Cobden Partners is the only consultancy firm helping small to modest sized countries whose banking systems have either collapsed or are in difficulty.

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