Who Uses the Invictus Products and Services?

BANKS use the Invictus products and services as a "best practices" tool for stress testing, risk mitigation, strategic and capital planning (including calculating the bank's level of FreeCapital), regulatory negotiations and acquisition screening.

REGULATORS subscribe to the Invictus Sustainability reports to highlight potential problems and to prioritize their remediation efforts.

D&O UNDERWRITERS have adopted the Invictus methodology to streamline assessing underwriting risk and to improve portfolio management.

BANK INVESTORS use Invictus to analyze existing and potential holdings, merger and acquisition activity and valuations.

Invictus also offers CONSULTING SERVICES to the financial sector:

  • Confidential customised versions of our Invictus Bank Stress Tests, using internal loan-level data for your own use in strategic planning, budgeting, investor relations and regulatory negotiations;
  • Customized Invictus Triage Reports for banks to your selection criteria, to help sift and target banks;
  • Customised public data-driven reports but based on your own stress case assumptions or economic assumptions;
  • Capital raising or investment banking services such as mergers and acquisitions analysis via Invictus Advisory Services;
  • Bank regulatory consulting -- how to set up a stress-testing program within your jurisdiction.