Mergers and Acquisitions

The Invictus model flies in the face of the traditional M&A advisory model. While we perform many of the same tasks as advisors in this space do, we establish our relationship as strategic advisors – not Investment Bankers.

Because we primarily represent potential buyers, Invictus has designed a comprehensive process to identify, categorize, and approach potential sellers. We use our data-driven analytics to refine our list with your input to arrive at the "short list" of viable opportunities. As such, we will advise our clients on the strategic benefits of a deal long before approaching the potential seller and before the transaction process even begins.

  • We identify the right target specifically for each client.
  • We perform due-diligence tasks including a full capital stress test of the target, and a combined pro forma test for your bank and target.
  • We work closely with management to establish channels of communication and negotiating techniques – relying on the expertise of the Invictus M&A Team, lead by Kamal Mustafa, ex-head of Citibank's M&A department.
  • And finally, we continue our relationship after the deal has closed.

Invictus is a strategic consulting firm. We are not an Investment Bank. We strive to maintain a long-term relationship with each of our clients. We have advised against as many deals as we’ve promoted. For us, M&A is simply the best means in the current environment to achieve your strategic growth goal and maximise value -- it is not the goal in itself.

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