Data-Driven Intelligence

We run a stress test on every FDIC-insured bank in the country every quarter. We also have more granular proprietary data. We use the data to inform and refine our analytics, and as such we have at our fingertips unrivalled competitor, peer and market intelligence.

As our data grows, we look forward to applying AI (Artifical Intelligence) processes to mine the data more effectively.

Leaders and Bleeders

Invictus’s quarterly study of the US banking market, and source of the Invictus Acquisition Guage. Each bank in the country is placed in a category based on its stress test results and efficiency. The Invictus Acquisition Gauge is our assessment of what each bank SHOULD do to maximise shareholder value – it is not a predictor of what each bank will do. See the 2016Q4 results.

Vulnerability Score

Invictus uses a bank’s recent performance to assess its vulnerability to a takeover. This simple yet effective measurement provides an ideal way to narrow a target “long list” down very quickly to the short list, and assists in pricing negotiations.

Capital Planner

Using public data, Invictus prepares summarised reports on banks based on their performance in a stress test. These reports can be used by banks themselves for interactions with regulators, or by an acquirer to gain early understanding of the target bank, or by bank investors.


Contact Invictus for further information on these products and results, to discuss your requirements for bank data and analysis, and to gain access.